Icon Replacer.

It is a free version which may be used to change the icon of the drive of computer. Just install it in the computer after unpacking the 'rar' file using the key recived during down load.

There are a good number of fancy icons supplied with the program. After installation, run the program and select the icon you want and change it.

Source Code for Icon Replacer (1.0) for Windows 10 Pro.can be purchased from from SunComputers

Thre are two project parts in the project group.

  • 1.Build 'exe' project.
  • 2.Build dynamic dll containing various functions exported the to build 'exe' project.
  • After downloading the source code 'rar' file ,it may be unpacked in a folder.
  • 1.Run the C++ builder xe2 (u4)and open the project and build the 'exe' file.

    2.Include the 'dll'project in project group or open it as a separate project and build the dll file. The 'dll' is linked from the current directory.The linking of various functions are shown clealy to have better understanding of exporting functions from dll file.It can be modified to link the file from other locations like windows system directory.It is left to the developer to do themselves to experience it.