How to make exe file with admin right.
How admin maker is built using c++ builder rad xe2 update 4.
1.You require brc32.exe ,brcc32.exe,ilink32.exe and rlink32.dll compilers and dll.
2.Create rc file for the compiler brc32.exe viz.br_c.rc which must contain the entry as below:
BRC RT_RCDATA brc32.exe
Next br_cc.rc
BRCC RT_RCDATA brcc32.exe
Next i_link.rc
ILINK RT_RCDATA ilink32.exe
Next r_link.rc
RLINK RT_RCDATA rlink32.dll
Now add these rc files in to the project to create corresponding rs (resource ) files.
Using this resource files, the exe and dll files will be bound in to the project exe file.
There after on opening the project.exe the bound exe and dll can be saved in to the required folder
With TResourceStream and SaveTo file functions, the bound files can be restored to selected folder.
The details you can see in the project after opening with c++ builder
Once the compilers are extracted ,the next step is to create the manifest file.
Given below is the format of the manifest file for ‘setup.exe’

  • Setup Application
  • In the above file you may notice the application name ‘setup’ stands for setup.exe
    which we want to convert with Admin right.
    To do this first we have to create setup.exe.manifest with the above entry.
    In addition to the above we have to create rc file for the setup.exe.manifest for
    the resource file creation.
    Let us say the rc file as ‘mani.rc’ which must contain the entries as below:
    #define RT_MANIFEST 24
    #define APP_MANIFEST 1
    APP_MANIFEST RT_MANIFEST "setup.exe.manifest"
    Now we have the compilers , setup.exe.manifest file and rc file.
    Next stage is to compile the rs file from the rc file using CreateProcess function
    Recreated as (ProcessRun) and brcc32.exe compiler.The usage of the function may be seen
    within the project.
    CreateProcess is very important and it should be used accurately.
    There are sufficient explanations on this function in the website and this can be referred to for
    more information.However,in the project the usage is very clear and can be well understood.
    Once the rs files are created next stage is to bind the information in to the ‘setup.exe’
    using brc.32.exe compiler and ProcessRun (recreated from CreateProcess) function.
    Now the setup.exe is manifest with admin right.
    In the given project all this operations are done automatically and selected exe file will
    Be converted to have admin right
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