Delivery and shipping policy.

There are only two products marked for sale viz
1.Install Builder
2.Web Site Manager.
The above products are to be released to the interested users at very cheap price.
Trial and licensed versions download link will be sent to the email
which has to be entered while selecting any of the above item to download.
If the entered email is correct, the download link with activation password will be sent to the
email and from there the trial as well as licensed versions can be downloaded.
While trial versions can be activated using the password the licensed version
cannot be activated and activation will be enabled after purchasing it online
using the payment link.
1.The price for Install Builder (8.2) is only INR 600.
This item after purchase can be activated in two machines only and
licence for installing on more number of machines can be on the
basis of regotiated purchase. The user will first use the trial version for 30 days and the trial
period can be extended up to 60 days on special cases.
After the expiry the product will not provide compilation of exe file
to raise self extractor setup file.
If the user is fully satisfied and willing to purchase the item,he/she can
purchase it on line paying INR 600 and the activation details will be
conveyed to the email of the user.
Once the purchase is done there will be no refund.However the user has
full freedom to take up issues related to the product and its warranty
through the link provided under 'Customer Care'.Sun Computers will be taking all out
effort to resolve issues promptly.However issues relating to reengineering
of product or any cases of improper usage of the product Sun Computer will not be
responsible.Of course the user can download the product any number of times but it can be used in two machines only.
The user can also use the email link to download the upgrades and updated versions
free of cost for one year from the date of purchase.

2.The price for WebSite Manager is only INR 500
As in the above case,the user will get the download link for trial and licensed version with
activation details.The trial version can be activated and used for 30 days
with all functionalities and after trial period uploading of files will be deactivated.
But downloading files from the website of the user will be working.
Here also the installation is restricted to two machines only.
If the user is interested he/she can go for purchasing it online using the payment link.
No refund is allowed.However the user has full freedom to raise issues through the
'Complaint' link.Issues like reengineering the product or improper use of the product
Sun Compuer will not be responsible.However the user can download fresh copy of the product
any number of time and activated using the same activation details.

All other items are free including the youtube downloader lite and full versions.
It is the most wanted software for yougters to download files of any size from youtube
and use video/audio play in full version in HD quality.This also provides conversion of
files to different frormat.All these items are released with good intention for the
users to have good time downloading ,playing converting etc using this software.
The lite version provided has download link for downloading full version very fast.If any one one wants
full version from website it can be downloaded from size of the compressed
file is about 60MB.This is the reason to use the lite version from which the
download will be very fast.How to select mode of download it can be decided by the user itself.
But Sun Computer provides convenient means for the user.
Sun Computer has pleasure to release it to see that the users are happy to use it.If any one feels
happy to make any contribution, Sun Computer will be happy to accept it.The payment link for
'Contribute' button provided in any of lite or full version can be used for the same.