Developer Assistant (2.1) Downloads for Windows 10.

Developer Assistant (2.1) - Download
Some of the features of Developer Assistant (2.1) for Windows 10.

  • 1.Developer Assistant (2.1) provides directory tree view facility to view files in a selected folder.
  • 2.After entering or selection ‘File Type’ ,load the files using ‘Select Dir’ button.
  • 3.After loading the file, use the ‘Search’ button to enter the specimen text.
  • 4.Now click ‘OK’ to start searching.
  • 5.This will load all those files contain the text, in to the next window.
  • 6.Now select the file from the window, which will spread open and further search and replacement can be effected using ‘Search and Replace’ button.
  • 7.This will be useful for the developers to search and find various functions and procedures in various Projects located in different folders.
  • 8.If necessary the file after replacement can be saved in the same folder or in different folder using ‘Save’ option.
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